Introducing the Shlaer-Mellor Commons

Members of the Shlaer-Mellor community met to review the formation of the Shlaer-Mellor Commons.  The Shlaer-Mellor Commons exists to foster a community of collaboration, camaraderie and advocacy around the method, models and tooling. This meeting began with a short update on planning for the xtUML Days 2021 conference, and then the bulk of the meeting […]

xtUML Days 2018 Presentations

xtUML Days joined forces with MODELS’18 to provide an opportunity to mingle the communities. Here are all of the presentations (that could be released): Day 1 Flyer (agenda) Shlaer-Mellor xtUML Overview Shlaer-Mellor OOA Original Overhead Transparency Intro Big Machine Big Model – Modeling Industrial Machinery 1-3-5 Application, Dialects, Architectures Constraint Modeling with Albert Einstein xtUML […]

xtUML Days at MODELS

xtUML Days 2018 is co-located with MODELS in Copenhagen in October.  MODELS is increasing its focus on Industrial Modeling while maintaining the academic and research strength of the conference.  The graphic highlights the different industrial opportunities at MODELS this year.

Presos from xtUML Day Cheltenham

Presentations from xtUML Days 2017 Cheltenham This episode of xtUML Day was a step up from previous meetings and increased participation from the community. Here are all of the presentations (that could be made available): xtUML 2017 Cheltenham Flyer (agenda) Show and Tell Community Engagement Build and Test Infrastructure Recursive Referentials and Polymorphic Events xtUML Type […]

xtUML Model Complexity Metrics

Nenad Ukic (Neno) of Split, Croatia published a PhD thesis that has one of the most clear and concise overviews of xtUML I have read.  So, even if you are not interested in complexity metrics, this paper is worth reading! Nukic_PhD_Final_v2

xtUML Day 2017 Linköping

Presentations from xtUML Day 2017 Linköping This episode of xtUML Day was the best ever.  We stepped up from one day to two full days.  The venue was stunning.  The guest list included virtually all of the current key players in the Method. Here are all of the presentations (that could be released): xtUML 2017 […]

Model-Based Testing of Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars pose challenges to testing. The quantity and magnitude of sensor inputs create an enormous test vector space. Traditional manual testing methods are inadequate to cover this multi-dimensional vector space with test cases. To address this challenge model-based techniques are applied to manage the testing complexity. Abstraction and automation increase the productivity of test […]