Introducing the Shlaer-Mellor Commons

Members of the Shlaer-Mellor community met to review the formation of the Shlaer-Mellor Commons.  The Shlaer-Mellor Commons exists to foster a community of collaboration, camaraderie and advocacy around the method, models and tooling. This meeting began with a short update on planning for the xtUML Days 2021 conference, and then the bulk of the meeting […]

xtUML Days 2019 UK Presentations

xtUML Days 2019 UK was held in Cheltenham. Many of the Shlaer-Mellor elite and active were in attendance. Find here a list of the presentations. Shlaer-Mellor Modeling in Japan xtUML in the Field: Robotic Soil Sampling Formal Modeling and UML-B OOA ’20 Overview and Method Debate Modeling Communications Waterloo AutoCoder Architecture Architectures – Panel Discussion […]

xtUML Days 2018 Copenhagen

    xtUML Days 2018 Copenhagen Monday and Tuesday 15, 16 October The event is co-located with MODELS 2018. Copenhagen, Denmark What is this? | Call for Papers | Important Dates | Organization What is this? xtUML Days 2018 Copenhagen is a modeling conference co-located with MODELS and represents the 5th edition of xtUML Days. Each […]

Presos from xtUML Day Cheltenham

Presentations from xtUML Days 2017 Cheltenham This episode of xtUML Day was a step up from previous meetings and increased participation from the community. Here are all of the presentations (that could be made available): xtUML 2017 Cheltenham Flyer (agenda) Show and Tell Community Engagement Build and Test Infrastructure Recursive Referentials and Polymorphic Events xtUML Type […]

xtUML Day and Ericsson Modeling Days 2016

These gatherings of the modeling community resulted in exchange of ideas and priorities. The roadmap for Papyrus-xtUML (BridgePoint) was discussed. Presentations: xtUML Day 2016 Linköping Sweden Ericsson Modeling Days 2016 Metamodel Instances or Parseable Human-Readable Concrete Textual Syntax Comparing and Contrasting UML-RT and xtUML Persistence Architecture Migration Options Community and Ecosystem Report Papyrus-xtUML (BridgePoint) Roadmap […]