xtUML DIY – Self-paced Training for Modelers

xtUML.org is an online resource for eXecutable and Translatable UML modelers. In this episode of inside xtUML – DIY, we meet Keith Brown, the project leader responsible for the self-paced training course recently added to the site. He will provide some background to the project and walk us through the steps to follow when getting started. […]

xtUML Modeling – Exercises in Building Executable Models

It can be challenging to know where to start when learning a new methodology such as executable and translatable UML. In Exercises in Building Executable Models, you will be taken step by step from a blank canvas to a functioning executable model. Along the way many of the features of the xtUML Editor will be […]

Welcome to Inside xtUML – DIY

Inside xtUML – DIY is the home for Do It Yourself modelers ready to explore the world of executable and translatable modeling.