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Chapter 8 covers constraints.
[8.1] Instance constraints are covered in BridgePoint by attribute<RMB(Right Mouse Button(if right handed))>Add to Identifier… (NOTE: IDs are always unique, but I’m not sure where this is enforced. (model compiler callout?))

[8.2] Derived attributes are created by attribute<RMB>Set as Derived Attribute…
Action language is used for the derivation. I don’t think OCL is supported.

[8.3] Referential constraints are covered by association<RMB>Formalize
[8.3.2] Is covered same as [8.1] and [8.2]

[8.4] Association loops used to be doable in BridgePoint, but I can’t find the method anymore. The Rnum would show up as R5=R1+R6 (IIRC).

There also used to be support for adding ranges to attributes, but I don’t know if that is still available.