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Using Eclipse OSGi debug console window (OSGi console)

_- Open Launcher.bat
_- Change BP_JVM setting to use java.exe instead of javaw.exe
_- add [code]-console [/code] to the eclipse.exe command line before [code title=””]-vm %BP_JVM%[/code]

_- Open
_- add [code title=””]-console [/code] to the eclipse command line before [code title=””]-vm $BP_JVM[/code]

– Run the Launcher script
_R A console window appears during the launch. You will see the [code title=””]osgi> [/code] prompt. The following commands are to be entered in this osgi console.

osgi commands for debugging:
– [code title=””]ss[/code]
This command lists all registered plugins and their status

– [code title=””]ss [/code]
This lists a subset based on the matches. For example: ss org.xtuml.bp.core

– [code title=””]diag [/code] (e.g. [code title=””]diag org.xtuml.bp.core[/code])
Displays unsatisfied constrains for the given bundle

– [code title=””]start [/code]
Attempts to force load the specified plugin (the id comes from the [code title=””]ss[/code] result). Try [code title=””]start [/code]

_- [code title=””]close[/code]
Shutdown and exit OSGi