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An autosampler is a robot used in a laboratory to collect or dispense fluid from a vial. Chemistry, biology and medical labs use these devices. They save time and can be more accurate than non-automated sampling processes.

The model above has classes carousel, row, sampling_probe and probe_assignment. The carousel ‘contains’ row, while the row ‘is rotated by’ the carousel. A sampling_probe ‘is assigned to’ a row.

State machines (not shown) govern the behavior of the class instances. Actions in the states perform the necessary processing for each state of the state machines.

This model mostly supports the concept of multiple sampling probes and multiple rows in a carousel. Although to support multiple rows this model would need to change the cardinality on an association. Can you identify which one?

This UML model is the “source code” of an autosampler in field use since the late 1990s. It is a long-standing example of xtUML Inside!

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