Reply To: VHDL


Hi Keith. This thread got buried under a load of other stuff I was working on and I’ve just come back to it now. I think you may have seen from my recent chatroom convos that I am interested in automating the process of flashing a microprocessor (originally an FPGA) from UML diagrams and action language. I noticed that there was an option to create a new project with a VHDL model compiler rather than the C/C++ that I have been using currently. Is that only in 5.1? I can’t find it any more now that I am using 4.2

There are so many training courses and videos that I’m never sure where to start. I’m so new to any of this. I didn’t even know what an FPGA was or what flashing a microprocessor meant until five months ago. It’s quite overwhelming sometimes.

That PowerPoint presentation would be good to see.