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Hello moerafaat,

This sounds like an interesting project you are working on. The video and documentation that Ben pointed to are very useful starting points.

Now for some technical details….

a) I will point out that the source code for the BridgePoint model compilers is now open source and is included with BridgePoint 5 Community Edition. You will find it under the various model compiler plug-ins in the mc3020/arc/ folders. So, for example, the source code for the C model compiler is under /BridgePoint/eclipse/plugins/ When the build process begins, the specialized/sys.arc is processed first.

b) Regarding that demo video, the spirit is correct but some of the details have changed in the 2+ years since the video was created. Instead of putting archetype code directly into system.mark, I would now recommend doing this:
1) Create a new file: /BridgePoint/eclipse/plugins/ , populate it with the archetype code from the examples, or with your own modifications
2) Edit sys.arc in the same folder, find “.include “${arc_path}/t.smt.arc”” (around line 76). Insert a line after that includes your new file: .include “${arc_path}/myexample.arc”
3) Modify your project to use the C source model compiler. Right-click on the project, then choose “BridgePoint Utilities > Set Model Compiler”, use the wizard to choose the C Source MC.
4) Now when you build your project, the code in myexample.arc will be executed.

I think you will find that custom model compilers are awesome and extremely powerful! However, that also means they are non-trivial. Good luck!