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mcmc (linux version) and mcmc.exe (windows version) is a tool that performs a first pass over the action language in the model and translates the OAL to C. Then, during a second pass the structural parts (components, classes, etc) of the model are translated. Using mcmc speeds up the translation process and reduces memory consumption of gen_erate.exe which is used during translation, but only if you are intending to translate to C.

If you look at the model compiler metamodel (available in the xtuml/mc repository on github) you’ll see that TE_ABA is related to all the action homes. TE_ABA_rollup takes all the translated instance data for a particular action and saves into the string “code” of TE_ABA. Once we translate the OAL to code and save it to this string, we can get rid of the instance data for that action as it is no longer needed.

Can you provide more information about the model you are using and how you have implemented your model compiler customizations?