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Bob Mulvey

One of the main purposes of bringing a chat system to was to capture the valuable Q/A that goes on between xtuml users and developers on a daily basis. For years the One Fact team has been a team distributed around the world, and we has used skype chat as our primary daily communication mechanism.

What we have over the last 5 months since we began using the chat system on is that the selected chat system has not brought the community to (they have stayed, mostly, remained on skype). Today I am going to start something new to see if it will be preferred. The following link is to a skype chat that anyone may join. We will encourage people chatting on skype to use this xtUML Community chat. If it does end-up being preferred of the current system (which is CometChat BTW), we will retired the system and replace it with this. Here is the link to the new xtUML Community Chat: