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#xtUML2015 keynote speakers for Tuesday Dec 8

Yuki Tsuchitoi of Fuji-Xerox Co., Ltd. (富士ゼロックス) has been modeling with Shlaer-Mellor OOA and xtUML for nearly two decades. He has developed application models and model compilers for office automation equipment. On the side, Tsuchitoi-san teaches young people modeling and embedded control. He has been heavily involved with the annual robotics competition known as ET-Robocon. Tsuchitoi-san will present remotely from Tokyo via Skype link.

Associate Professor Kenji Hisazumi teaches Model-Driven Development as part of Kyushu University curricula in Japan. Executable UML and related modeling disciplines are taught to engineers and computer scientists. Hisazumi-sensei will provide a view into the Japanese University focus on MDD and Embedded Control teaching. Professor Hisazumi has been involved in ET-Robocon, ESS Robot Challenge and other embedded control workshops. Hisazumi-sensei will speak live and in person.