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Dear Conference Attendees,

Why attend a conference? …to get awesome swag, of course! Check out the cool T-shirt (modeled by your conference hostess) that will be included in your goodie bag at registration on Monday.

More thoughts on preparing. Day 1 will focus on xtUML The Language. We will attempt to pack a 1-week language training course into a single day. On Day 1 there will be only a little discussion of BridgePoint The Tool; that is for Day 2. During our first day we will focus on the syntax and semantics of xtUML and how to program your applications using xtUML. Relative to this post, we will focus on the model and the method. Most work will be on paper and whiteboard.

With the xtUML language reasonably well understood, on Day 2 we can focus on xtUML The Tool, BridgePoint. After breakfast and the keynote presentation we will be working our laptops hard with our hands on the keyboards actually editing, updating, issuing, forking, branching, building and running!

Expect the following takeaways from xtUML 2015:
– understanding of xtUML the language
– recognition of similarities and distinctions of xtUML relative to Java, C++, Python, etc.
– practice abstracting systems and capturing them in models
– application of these precise engineering techniques to your own problem domain at work
– hands-on tooling practice
– OSS processes, community and eco-system participation

Look forward to our special keynote Tuesday morning featuring live and remote team members from Japan led by Yuki Tsuchitoi and Kenji Hisazumi.

See you Monday!
xtUML 2015 Staff