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Dear xtUMLers,

This pic shows the door you will enter. This is looking across the street from the hotel. Our venue is called MatchBOX Coworking Studio. It is located on the corner of 6th Street and Alabama in Lafayette, Indiana.

Breakfast and goodie bag pickup start at 8:00am Monday morning.
First session begins at 9:00.

Another note for people staying for Day 2. You will be downloading a lot of data. MatchBOX has fast internet, but it may be good to do some of this ahead of time. So, here is a bit more homework.

1) Obtain a user ID on
2) Fork the following repositories:
3) Clone these three forks onto your laptop.

If you do not understand these instructions, it is O.K. You will learn!

See you bright and early Monday morning.

xtUML 2015 Staff