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I tried to edit my previous message but maybe writing this new one is more helpful as it will bounce the thread.

I have a model which compiles without errors and which executes in the system editor. It completes but, after execution of the very last lines, the console closes and I can’t see all of the output in one single view.

I try to execute the model using verifier and I get the message, “Nothing to Verify”.

Whether this is an error in my model or a bug in verifier, I need a way to see the full output of the execution. I don’t know why I’m getting the “Nothing to Verity” message and I don’t know how to cause either a pause in the execution or to make the console remain active after execution has finished or to redirect the system editor output to a file.

Could you tell me what I need to do to make any of these things happen so that I can see the output of the execution of my model, either in system output or the verifier?