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Thank you for the answers.

I am not sure I understand how this is modeled, and how the tool handles the signals/interfaces in practice.

If my top component T is realizing
interface i, containing
signal s1, s2, s3, s4;

And I have two nested subcomponents
Tsub1, realizing
interface i_sub1, containing
signal s1, s2;
and Tsub2, realizing
interface i_sub_2, containing
signal s3, s4;

How are the signals in the sub-interfaces related to the signals of the top interface?
To me, they are distinct elements/entities – I want them to to be the same elements.

Or does the tool somehow map signal definitions in different interfaces by name?
Is not interface a scope and a container, defining signals/operations?

The question is really:
“How do I restrict an interface definition so that a sub-component is only allowed to receive a subset of the signals of the interface of the top component?

As I mentioned, what I lack is really to be able to specialize an interface.
Defining a “part-of” association between two interfaces could be an alternative way to model this.

best regards