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Lee Riemenschneider

Yes, “package as a domain” required some other external code to build a system in pre-component BridgePoint, and requires the use of “package references” in components in current BridgePoint.

One thing online self training misses is the ability to easily identify the gaps in the training. Classroom style training is still preferred. Having an online forum helps, but you also need the more structured walk through.

You also need a consistent approach, which is what I’m trying to nail down. I prefer domain modeling with packages, but that creates more work when integrating the domain into a system. Domain modeling with components requires more work on the domain modeling side, but everything is in place for system integration. Ideally, creating a component and interface structure from a package domain model could be automated, but is it worth the cost of the changes on the tool side?

Maybe a HOWTO of both approaches should be written. The documentation in the BridgePoint help needs updated anyway.