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John Wolfe

>How can we say it is implementation independent enough for inclusion in an AL?
Because many other languages, including at least three that treat platform-independence as a primary requirement, do so?

But, let me try to restate the requirements because bitwise operators may be but one solution to the problem at hand.

At its core, this problem is one of mapping a collection of bits to a named field (ref. examples in previous posts). In some cases a field spans multiple bytes while in others it is contained within a single byte.

Ultimately, I would like to build a domain that knows how to:
1. Convert between a stream of bytes and a collection of instances of classes, where class attributes represent message fields. This semantic mapping between a bit field and a semantically named attribute is the crux of the problem.
2. Convert between these class instances and xtUML interface messages.

Bridge operations can likely be used in place of native OAL bitwise operators. But, perhaps I have been staring for too long at hand-written, imperative code that uses bitwise operators to map between bit fields and named message fields (semantics).There may be other approaches that meet the requirements while leveraging existing tooling without coupling the resulting model to non-existent model compiler features.