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In the long-time past, BridgePoint supported only class diagrams, state machines and a bit of packaging. OAL was supported in the state machines and later in domain functions. This was the original base of Shlaer-Mellor modeling.

Enter UML. UML supports many diagrams. So these diagrams were added to BridgePoint. Use Case, Sequence, Activity and Communication diagrams were added. These are useful to define/describe individual scenarios of an application. They are not part of the solution but part of description of the solution.

The components, class diagrams and state machines represent the executable portion of the solution.

Note, there is a way to connect (“formalize”) the elements in the Use Case, Activity, et al to the executable elements. Let me know if you are interested.

Note, there is a way to configure the user interface of BridgePoint to support only the diagram and element types that you want to use in your work.