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Sorry Lee! My language was rather loose wrt to using ‘approach’. However, the thought was brought on by a reference (somewhere) in the user manuals/guides about a distinction between xtUML and UML2. Rereading has now established that I was misinterpreting what had been written. Apologies.

Cort: Your summary comment has cleared up some of my fuzziness. I can certainly provide all the relevant pieces of information including the compiler we created. We used the compiler to develop an trial election system for the Australian Electoral Commission. The system was intended for the vision-impaired and blind and was used in the in the Australian Federal Election in 2007. The system worked perfectly and the election commission officers were very impressed with its stability and consistency. Unfortunately, the political will did then not exist to take the system further.

What do I need to do to include the information in the xtUML repository. Additionally is there a possibility of contracting a model compiler expert to guide us in upgrading the compiler for use with BP 3020? We do have some limited funding.