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Clive, I can’t verify what John said either, but one of the recent changes to BridgePoint requires you to explicitly set your model compiler. This affect projects made before this change, and unfortunately the upgrade of the projects isn’t automated. The fix however is easy:

For older projects:
1. Choose Project -> Properties -> Builders
2. Remove any “Missing builder … ” entries
3. Remove “Model Compiler” entry if present
4. Follow the newer project steps

For newer projects:
1. Choose BridgePoint Utilities from the Project context menu (right mouse button click on project)
2. Choose Set Model Compilers
3. In the pop-up window choose the model compiler you want. In your case this would be only MASL Exporter.
4. Select Finish (if you choose MC-3020, you’ll get a Next button to choose C, C++, or SystemC

For creating new projects:
1. New -> xtUML Project
2. After entering the project name, make sure you choose Next
3. The model compiler pop-up window is presented.
4. If you click Finish instead of next, your project will have no model compiler set up, and you’ll have to do the “For newer projects step” to compile and build.

John might still be right with what he wrote. I don’t work with MASL much.