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Bob Mulvey and I worked with Sean in the chat, and it turns out he was starting in the workspace he had previously created to build the developer version of BridgePoint. This is why the modeler version was trying to build something on launch. Sean created a new workspace and solved that issue.

I just looked at the example projects in the latest nightly (Build id: 2019-07-26 12:26), and they need to be modified to build them. Here are the steps:
(RMB means Right Mouse Button Click (opens the content menu))
(For GPS Watch, this only needs to be done to the GPS_Watch project)
1. Select the project and Open Project->Properties and choose Builders
2. Select (highlighted; don’t uncheck anything) the “Missing builder (” and “Model Compiler” and Remove them
3. Apply and close
4. RMB the project and choose BridgePoint Utilities->Set Model Compilers
5. Select MC-3020 (C Model Compiler) for C/C++/SystemC, or MASL Exporter for MASL projects.
5.1 If MC-3020 select Next> then choose the Target language. You don’t need to check the Convert … box
6. Select Finish
7. In Project->Properties, Builders, you should now see the model compiler you chose.