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I am not duplicating the problem on an Ubuntu 11 (64-bit) installation. I will note that I did install the 32-bit compatibility libs with the command ‘sudo apt-get install ia32-libs’. I also have changed the /bin/sh symlink to point at bash instead of dash. After those changes, I ran the install under my user account and installed under my home directory (just to make sure I didn’t run into any write permissions issues).

Once installed, I start xtUML Editor. Choose Quick Start and created MicrowaveOven. It does pop up a “Can’t get code generation license” at this point, but that is not fatal. The project is created anyway. Then went through the same steps to create GPS Watch. I am able to browse both models.

I will point out that xtUML Editor includes and uses its own JVM (Oracle’s). It specifies to use this in the /eclipse/ script. Are you using this script to start xtUML Editor?