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Travis London

Some elements do not have a Name attribute. In these cases the views expect a get_name operation to be present. The NonRootModelElement class is a supertype to all model elements. The getName() pattern is for convenience only, the metamodel should be referenced for proper name access.

[code title=”getName”] /**
* This method will be implemented by the subtype. If not it will call
* the Get_name method that will also be implemented by the subtype
* returning an empty string if neither method was implemented.
public String getName() {
return Get_name();
public String Get_name() {
return “”;

Regarding model load it should occur for you. The BridgePoint tool supports lazy loading. I suspect you are missing one key call. PersistenceManager.getDefaultInstance(); This will initialize the loading infrastructure and allow for lazy loading to occur. Let me know if this solves the issue for you.