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EDIT: I changed tack to use pt_gen_import/pt_gen_file:

[code title=””]@echo off
set PATH=%PATH%;C:\sf\bin\xtUMLEditor\eclipse_extensions\BridgePoint\eclipse\plugins\com.mentor.nucleus.bp.core.win32.x86_4.1.2\os\win32\x86\lib
set PATH=%PATH%;C:\sf\bin\xtUMLEditor\eclipse_extensions\BridgePoint\eclipse\plugins\com.mentor.nucleus.bp.core.win32.x86_4.1.2\bridgepoint\win32\client\bin
set OOASCHEMA=C:\sf\bin\xtUMLEditor\eclipse_extensions\BridgePoint\eclipse\plugins\com.mentor.nucleus.bp.dap.pkg_4.1.2\bridgepoint\xtumlmc_schema.sql
set TDB=go.tdb

REM call xtumlmc_gen_erate.cmd -arch ooa2rdb.rule -d 1 -import go.xtuml -e foo -nopersist -v STMT

del %TDB%
REM Load XTUML schema (1)
call pt_gen_import %TDB% %OOASCHEMA%
REM load the model (2)
call pt_gen_import %TDB% go.xtuml
REM call pt_gen_file %TDB% ooa2rdb.rule[/code]

The binaries execute properly and the schema loads fine (1). However loading the model (2) fails because the schema doesn’t include tables for the graphical data. Not sure how to resolve this? can’t find another schema file that includes graphics tables; and can’t see a way to export model from the modeller without the graphical data.

Any pointers?