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Dan George

Thanks, Lee. I don’t see Acceleo in my install details. Doesn’t show up in Window->Open Perspecitve->Other, either. Perhaps you installed it youself? Are you able create an Acceleo project and use the xtUML project as input?

I installed Acceleo myself and I made a try at generateing a report of the Gps Watch model (Gps Watch.xtuml) but didn’t succeed.

Regarding M2M, in my Sparx EA prototype I found M2M to be useful. I still find UML helpful as an aid to 3GL design. I’d make my EUML model and translate that to a C++ PSM. I creatd the prototype C++ PSM manually and then developed the transform to automate. Sparx provides an out-of-the-box C++ code generator that produced the boilerplate text. The body text of generated classes was injected by my M2M translation. I could skip the M2M step. However, if it is possible to do OMG MOF2T then MOF2M (what QVT does) is just a different transform, MOF being the common input to either.

FWI, QVT has to languages: Relations and Operations. QVTo is an implementation of the imperitive, Operations langauge. I am not aware of an impl of the declaritive, Relations language.