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    Does BridgePoint 5.1 include the Java Model Compiler?

    The Java MC is available in the Set Model Compiler dialog, but when building it prints:

    [code title=””]Errors occurred during the build.
    Errors running builder ‘Model Compiler Pre-Build’ on project ‘hello’.
    No RootPackageName in .project java_export_builder section.[/code]

    Any suggestion will be appreciated.




    Hi Francesco,

    BridgePoint does not yet include a general purpose Java Model Compiler. The one you see in the chooser is a hook for the custom Java model compiler (called MC-Java) we use to build BridgePoint itself. MC-Java has some special tweaks the only make it suitable for building BridgePoint, but is an example of what could be possible should someone be interested in creating a general-purpose Java MC.

    If you are interested, the source code for MC-Java is available alongside the source for the BridgePoint plug-ins in


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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