Mission Statement

The mission of xtUML.org is to advance eXecutable and Translatable UML through community leadership, public awareness, and technology.

xtUML.org provides the system design community with access to UML model editing, execution and translation capabilities (BridgePoint), and a forum to advance the methodology of executable and translatable model-driven development.

The term xtUML indicates extensions to the standard UML, which enables eXecution of the UML model to verify its behavior along with Translation of the UML into downstream implementation languages.

In September 2012 the front-end UML editor of its commercial BridgePoint xtUML environment was moved into the open source domain, providing the industry with a free entry point into full model-driven development flows that can be augmented with user-developed model compilers. In November 2014 the remaining elements of BridgePoint were made open source rendering the Verifier (eXecution) and model compilers (Translation) fully accessible at the source level.  The One Fact development team participates in this open source community, contributing features and streamlining executable UML knowledge transfer. The code that has been placed into the open source domain includes the xtUML meta-model, the xtUML model of BridgePoint, the Java source that interfaces with the Eclipse environment, model compilers, and much more.

BridgePoint is comprised of a UML editor, a Verifier (providing simulated execution capability), and a set of model compilers (providing translation).

To achieve the goals of xtUML.org, a governing committee of community members and sponsors oversees the acceptance and review of projects, oversees formal releases of the BridgePoint, and acts as moderators for News, Marketplace, and Forum contents.