All builds contain a fully-functional eclipse + BridgePoint environment in a single, easy-to-install package. No pre-existing software is required. Installation is simplified into a zip file that can be extracted into your location of choice.  The extraction process will create a directory named “BridgePoint”.  To run the tool, execute <install dir>/BridgePoint/eclipse/Launcher.[bat|sh].

Stable Builds

Community users will most often choose one of these stable builds.  These are nightly builds that the xtUML development team chooses to keep around for an extended period of time because they represent an important milestone in functionality or stability leading up to the next official release.

BridgePoint Community Edition v5.5.0 (build 201610112029) Windows (~608 MB) Linux (~595 MB)


BridgePoint Community Edition v5.3.4 Windows (~608 MB) Linux (~595 MB)


BridgePoint Community Edition v5.1 Windows (~450 MB)              Linux (~450 MB)               


Nightly Builds

CAUTION, this is the bleeding edge of BridgePoint development.  Nightly builds are created by the BridgePoint build server and posted here.  This is the latest, but also least tested, build containing the newest code. The builds posted here may even be development branch builds.

Installation is simplified into a zip file that can be extracted into your location of choice. We suggest you create a “BridgePoint” folder and extract into there. To run the tool, execute <install dir>/BridgePoint/bridgepoint

Download here

Release Builds

Starting with BridgePoint 5.0, release builds are created in 6 month intervals for One Fact Service Pro customers. To see what has been happening since v5.0 you can look at the BridgePoint Roadmap.

BridgePoint v5.0 Available to Service Pro subscribers Read the Release Notes and What’s New
BridgePoint 4.2.0 Windows (~476 MB) Linux (~460 MB)


Other Prototype Tools

These are exploratory pieces of software.  They are not full BridgePoint builds and you should not attempt to use these unless you are an experienced BridgePoint user who fully understands what these tools are for.

4.2+ – Graphics Performance Fix 1 
xtext plugins – This is a zip file that contains a prototype for the BridgePoint Xtext editor.  It is a build of the bridgepoint repository branch named 506_stage1_enhanded_oal_editor_2. The jar files in this zip file can be placed into your Eclipse dropins folder.  Instructions for how to use this editor can be found here: 

Building BridgePoint

Learn to build BridgePoint using the Developer’s Getting Started Guide.  For more information see the Developers page.

The xtUML team also makes available for download an Ubuntu 14-based virtual machine (~5 GB). Developers can download this machine to get a jumpstart on BridgePoint development as it has the tools and repositories needed already in place.

Example Models

Functional application models, as seen in the Inside xtUML Learning Series, are available in the GitHub models repository

Model Compilers

Please see the Terms & Conditions page for important information.