All builds contain a fully-functional eclipse + BridgePoint environment in a single, easy-to-install package. No pre-existing software is required. Installation is simplified into a zip file that can be extracted into your location of choice.

HOWTO Install BridgePoint

This HOWTO gives step-by-step instructions for installing BridgePoint on MacOS, Linux and Windows.

This YouTube video walks through the above HOWTO together with you.

Nightly Builds

This is the latest and greatest of BridgePoint development.  Nightly builds are created by the BridgePoint build server and posted here.  This is the latest, but also least tested, build containing the newest code. The BridgePoint development teams strives hard to keep this build stable and usable, but keep in mind this is an engineering delivery. If you require a historical version of BridgePoint, send your request to

Linux, macOS, and Windows builds are available. To run the tool, execute /{OS-specific path}/bridgepoint

Download here

Release Builds

Starting with BridgePoint v4.2 (which was created Nov 2014), release builds are created in (at least) 6 month intervals for BridgePoint Pro customers. To see what has been happening since v4.2 you can look at the BridgePoint Roadmap or contact One Fact. To see what the most recent version of the BridgePoint tool is, and the highlights for this release, please see the most recent release notes on github.

Building BridgePoint

Learn to build BridgePoint using the Developer’s Getting Started Guide.  For more information see the Developers page.

The xtUML team also makes available for download an Ubuntu 14-based virtual machine (~5 GB). Developers may choose to download this virtual machine to get a jumpstart on BridgePoint development as it has the tools and repositories needed already in place.

Example Models

Functional application models, as seen in the Inside xtUML Learning Series, are available in the GitHub models repository  HOWTO access git using BridgePoint explains how to clone the xtuml/models repository onto your PC using Eclipse EGit capability packaged with BridgePoint.

Please see the Terms & Conditions page for important information.