xtUML.org provides the system design community with access to comprehensive UML modeling, execution and translation capabilities through BridgePoint, and a forum to advance the methodology of executable and translatable model-driven development.

Executable, translatable UML (xtUML) is an extension to UML based upon the Shlaer-Mellor Method of Model-Driven Architecture (MDA), which supports a powerful approach to Model-Driven Development (MDD). xtUML.org provides the system design community with access to xtUML editing, execution and translation capabilities, along with a forum to advance the use of this methodology. Find the BridgePoint tool along with models, training materials and community discussion here.

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Tap into a wealth of xtUML knowledge by participating in community forums, reading online articles and tutorials, and viewing the xtUML channel on YouTube.

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“The availability of having an open-source editor will enable the industry‚Äôs movement from static UML diagrams and paper-based processes to executable model-driven flows.”

— Serge Leef, General Manager, System Level Engineering Division, Mentor Graphics