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    Bob Mulvey

    The Chat system has been up for about a month now. It is working OK, but we are keeping our eyes open for better alternatives. A lot of alternatives were looked at before using CometChat, but if there is is a better alternative we will certainly look at it. Some recent alternatives that have come up, that were not originally considered are:
    -skype public chat (integration to this in in xtuml-org.hustlefish-sites.com)
    -google hangouts wordpress integration

    IRC was looked at early on, but lost out to CometChat. Post thoughts and ideas here. The original issue that tracked opening up chat is here: https://support.onefact.net/redmine/issues/710

    A new issue tracking alternatives is here: https://support.onefact.net/redmine/issues/7747

    A “parent issue” tracking the various things we don’t like about CometChat is here: https://support.onefact.net/redmine/issues/7704

    Please let us know thoughts you may have about this.

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    I didn’t see it in the requirements list, but it might be possible to replace join me as well if the chat offered desktop sharing and voice. (Google chat might do this for example)

    Bob Mulvey

    It is certainly not a requirement. In fact, I sort of now think the original requirements were unrealistic, adding to them isn’t likely :). Join.me does what it does pretty well. That service must provide international dial-in numbers for conference calls. Sometimes web access is not practical for voice calls.


    Is it possible to message an offline user on CometChat?

    Bob Mulvey

    It is not possible in CometChat to send a message to a user that is offline.

    Bob Mulvey

    One of the main purposes of bringing a chat system to xtuml-org.hustlefish-sites.com was to capture the valuable Q/A that goes on between xtuml users and developers on a daily basis. For years the One Fact team has been a team distributed around the world, and we has used skype chat as our primary daily communication mechanism.

    What we have over the last 5 months since we began using the chat system on xtuml-org.hustlefish-sites.com is that the selected chat system has not brought the community to xtuml-org.hustlefish-sites.com (they have stayed, mostly, remained on skype). Today I am going to start something new to see if it will be preferred. The following link is to a skype chat that anyone may join. We will encourage people chatting on skype to use this xtUML Community chat. If it does end-up being preferred of the current xtuml-org.hustlefish-sites.com system (which is CometChat BTW), we will retired the xtuml-org.hustlefish-sites.com system and replace it with this. Here is the link to the new xtUML Community Chat:


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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