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Inside xtUML Learning Series

This series was a 15-session learning experience that covered xtUML modeling details and the application of the xtUML process. Although an educational series, each session is self-contained and focused on a particular topic.

Here are the archived webinars:

Session #1:  Model Driven Development for Systems Engineering Today

Session #2: UML, xtUML, and the xtUML Process

Session #3:  Creating an xtUML Model (Part 1)

Session #4:  Creating an xtUML Model (Part 2)

Session #5:  xtUML and Domain-specific Modeling

Session #6:  Verification and Validation of xtUML Models

Session #7:  xtUML Model Compilaton

Session #8: xtUML Projects with Legacy Code

Session #9: SystemC Virtual Platform Creation

Session #10: Executable Testbench Design in xtUML

Session #11  xtUML and the Notion of Time

Session #12:  Best Practices for Structuring an xtUML

Session #13:  Configuration Management in xtUML Projects

Session #14:  Safety-critical Applications and xtUML

Session #15:  Customizing a Model Compiler

Other video presentations you may find useful:

A Short Tour of xtUML

How To Create Documentation

How To Simulate the Analysis Model