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Let’s Chat! Meet the One Fact CEO

One Fact is committed to working together with the Executable Modeling community to move toward open standards.  We want to collaborate with you to make Executable UML accessible to broad range of users.  Join us! 

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Cortland Starrett, CEO of One Fact will be visiting with customers in central Europe from June 15-26.  If you’d like to visit with him, please contact us soon.


xtUML DIY – Self-paced Training for Modelers is an online resource for eXecutable and Translatable UML modelers. In this episode of inside xtUML – DIY, we meet Keith Brown, the project leader responsible for the self-paced training course recently added to the site. He will provide some background to the project and walk us through the steps to follow when getting started. This is the first in a series of instructional courses and if you are interested in participating in upcoming projects, Keith will discuss how you can get involved.

xtUML Modeling – Exercises in Building Executable Models

It can be challenging to know where to start when learning a new methodology such as executable and translatable UML. In Exercises in Building Executable Models, you will be taken step by step from a blank canvas to a functioning executable model. Along the way many of the features of the xtUML Editor will be demonstrated and the steps of the xtUML process highlighted. Click on the link and lets begin