Release Notes – BridgePoint 5.0

BridgePoint xtUML Release Notes

Release 5.0

1. License

BridgePoint is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License Agreement.

2. System Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 7, Windows 8, Linux variants
*EclipseVersion 3.7.2
*Java Virtual MachineVersion 1.6 or later
*(supplied by installer)


3. General Notes

  • A summary of the release highlights and new functionality is available on the What’s New page.
  • IMPORTANT: BridgePoint 5.0 is a completely open source version of the software. Please see and for ongoing development and support of BridgePoint.
  • BridgePoint is simplified to ship as a zip file similar to standard eclipse packages. Users who wish to create desktop shortcuts to start BridgePoint should set the shortcut to start in <install dir>/eclipse/

4. Interoperability with Previous Releases

  • BridgePoint 5.0 is compatible with workspaces and projects created with BridgePoint 4.2.
  • When opening workspaces created with previous versions, the xtUML Modeling perspective will not show properly the first time. Close and re-open this perspective.
  • Any existing projects that reference core.jar must be modified to point at the file in its new home under <install dir>/eclipse/plugins/org.xtuml.bp.core_5.0.x/core.jar

5. Issues and Feature Requests

The BridgePoint support system is hosted at Please check here for known issues and to submit bug reports and requests for new features.

6. Closed Issues

The full “v5.0 – Closed Issues” list is available in the One Fact Support system.