What’s New – BridgePoint 5.0

What’s New in BridgePoint 5.0

Release Notes

Open Source Development

The BridgePoint xtUML team has been hard at work
publishing source code and making the development process for
BridgePoint 100% open source and easy to use.

  • Models, source code, and binaries for Editor,
    Verifier, Model Compilers, and Generator are all now available

  • Updated the BridgePoint build toolchain to
    make it easier to get set up and use, both locally and on a build

  • Improved the community accessibility on
    xtUML.org and launched a new
    issue tracker

  • Cleaned up lots of heritage IP and
    transitioned all source code to Apache 2.0 licensed

  • Added support for Linux-based development of
    BridgePoint in addition to Windows

OOA of OOA in Generic Packages

The xtUML metamodel (the OOA of OOA) has been
converted from specialized packages to generic packages.

Simplified Installation

BridgePoint is available for Windows or Linux.
The installation is now simply a zipfile to be extracted anywhere
on disk.  This is easy, fast and flexible.

Fixes and Features

Improvements have been made to all of the major
components of the tool.

Model Compiler Templates

The source code for the model compilers is now
included inside the BridgePoint product.

Ports in Referenced Components

When a component has multiple implementations of
the same interface, it is much more useful to show the named ports
on a component reference than repeat the interface name.