Model-Based Testing of Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars pose challenges to testing. The quantity and magnitude of sensor inputs create an enormous test vector space. Traditional manual testing methods are inadequate to cover this multi-dimensional vector space with test cases. To address this challenge model-based techniques are applied to manage the testing complexity. Abstraction and automation increase the productivity of test […]

xtUML Day and Ericsson Modeling Days 2016

These gatherings of the modeling community resulted in exchange of ideas and priorities. The roadmap for Papyrus-xtUML (BridgePoint) was discussed. Presentations: xtUML Day 2016 Linköping Sweden Ericsson Modeling Days 2016 Metamodel Instances or Parseable Human-Readable Concrete Textual Syntax Comparing and Contrasting UML-RT and xtUML Persistence Architecture Migration Options Community and Ecosystem Report Papyrus-xtUML (BridgePoint) Roadmap […]

BridgePoint 5.0 beta

The beta version of BridgePoint 5.0 is available for download. This is a “master” build (compiled from the master branch in the public github repositories). It is fully functional and useful for development. This build will differ from the official 5.0 release by only minor tweaks and fixes found in testing.