Introducing the Shlaer-Mellor Commons

Members of the Shlaer-Mellor community met to review the formation of the Shlaer-Mellor Commons.  The Shlaer-Mellor Commons exists to foster a community of collaboration, camaraderie and advocacy around the method, models and tooling.

This meeting began with a short update on planning for the xtUML Days 2021 conference, and then the bulk of the meeting discussed the formation of the Shlaer-Mellor Commons.

Here is a document defining the Shlaer-Mellor Commons.

Here is the short presentation updating plans for xtUML Days 2021: xtUMLSteeringCommittee2021July.

Here is the presentation describing the Shlaer-Mellor Commons and introducing leadership of the various teams:  S-M Commons Presentation.

Here is a youtube video recording of the Zoom meeting where these documents were presented and discussed.  The presentation on the Shlaer-Mellor Commons begins 7:15 into the video.