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Dear Conference Attendees,

xtUML 2015 begins in one week. Registration and breakfast on Monday start at 8:00. The first session begins at 9:00. Breakfast and lunch are provided both days; vegetarian options are included. Dinner on Monday will be together at 7:00pm at a restaurant within walking distance.

The conference will offer a technical challenge and professional fellowship. You will meet and work closely with people who are xtUML’ing day in and day out. Expect to graduate with new modeling colleagues.

Please prepare to get the most of xtUML 2015. The conference is truly a training workshop. Plan to learn and work through interactive exercises. With hard work participants will end Day 1 with a strong practical sense for Shlaer-Mellor xtUML Modeling. With more hard work during Day 2 you will be able to modify and extend the tool and join the community.

These are high expectations. To achieve them, I recommend you do the following before you arrive. (in priority order)

– Create a user ID on (
– Download and install the latest Nightly Build of BridgePoint 5.1 based on Eclipse Mars ( (For those staying for Day 2, BridgePoint on Linux is preferred.)
– Read the Introduction to xtUML article. (
If you are ambitious:
– Read Modeling the World in Data and Modeling the World in States.
– Begin working through the online course. (
– Read a few blog posts at (

Kind Regards,
xtUML 2015 Staff