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    One Fact has announced xtUML 2015. A two-day summit covering xtUML methodology and tool development. This topic is for discussion about the event.


    I am going… and may be speaking at the conference. I live in the Lafayette area and can help answer questions.


    Here is a cool 360 degree tour of MatchBOX Studio. This is the venue for xtUML 2015.

    And here is a link to the MatchBOX web site.

    Bob Mulvey

    There have been some questions about the event starting time on December 7th and 8th.

    There will be a breakfast available at MatchBOX Studio starting at 8am EDT. Conference sessions will start at 9am.

    The session calendar with the start times of each session will be posted soon on the xtUML 2015 web page.


    Stephen Mellor and Sally Shlaer established the Shlaer-Mellor Method of object-oriented analysis and recursive design in the late 80s and early 90s. The Method was considered the most precise and semantically complete of the software design methodologies of the era. The primary tenets of model execution and translation have gradually been adopted or co-opted in other methodologies through the years. xtUML remains the purest form of Shlaer-Mellor still in popular use.
    A session at xtUML 2015 will honor Stephen and Sally and briefly cover the 25 years or so of Shlaer-Mellor and xtUML.


    …from the Purdue Campus yesterday.

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    Bob Mulvey

    We have too many presentations lined up for xtUML 2015.
    Vote for your favorites for each day. We will adjust accordingly.

    Vote for Day 1

    Vote for Day 2


    Presentations have been culled and selected.
    Start times for each preso are posted.

    The keynote on Tuesday is a remove presentation from Japan. A team of 5 or 6 colleagues in Japan are expected to be on the other end support Yuki Tsuchitoi. Tsuchitoi-san has built more models and more model compilers than all but a few professionals. The Fuji-Xerox office automation equipment has ‘xtUML Inside’ and has for more than 10 years. We will hear about that as well as about xtUML in ET-Robocon.


    Dear Conference Attendees,

    xtUML 2015 begins in one week. Registration and breakfast on Monday start at 8:00. The first session begins at 9:00. Breakfast and lunch are provided both days; vegetarian options are included. Dinner on Monday will be together at 7:00pm at a restaurant within walking distance.

    The conference will offer a technical challenge and professional fellowship. You will meet and work closely with people who are xtUML’ing day in and day out. Expect to graduate with new modeling colleagues.

    Please prepare to get the most of xtUML 2015. The conference is truly a training workshop. Plan to learn and work through interactive exercises. With hard work participants will end Day 1 with a strong practical sense for Shlaer-Mellor xtUML Modeling. With more hard work during Day 2 you will be able to modify and extend the tool and join the community.

    These are high expectations. To achieve them, I recommend you do the following before you arrive. (in priority order)

    – Create a user ID on xtuml-org.hustlefish-sites.com. (https://xtuml.org/register/)
    – Download and install the latest Nightly Build of BridgePoint 5.1 based on Eclipse Mars (https://xtuml.org/download/) (For those staying for Day 2, BridgePoint on Linux is preferred.)
    – Read the Introduction to xtUML article. (https://xtuml.org/getting-started/)
    If you are ambitious:
    – Read Modeling the World in Data and Modeling the World in States.
    – Begin working through the online course. (https://xtuml.org/learn/on-line-courses/)
    – Read a few blog posts at onefact.net. (http://onefact.net/blog/)

    Kind Regards,
    xtUML 2015 Staff


    xtUML isn’t the only thing you’ll enjoy during #xtUML2015, Fresh City Market will be catering breakfast and lunch on both days. Check them out http://freshcitymarket.com/


    Don’t forget to mention #xtUML2015 when you make a hotel reservation at Holiday Inn City Centre for a discounted room rate.



    #xtUML2015 keynote speakers for Tuesday Dec 8

    Yuki Tsuchitoi of Fuji-Xerox Co., Ltd. (富士ゼロックス) has been modeling with Shlaer-Mellor OOA and xtUML for nearly two decades. He has developed application models and model compilers for office automation equipment. On the side, Tsuchitoi-san teaches young people modeling and embedded control. He has been heavily involved with the annual robotics competition known as ET-Robocon. Tsuchitoi-san will present remotely from Tokyo via Skype link.

    Associate Professor Kenji Hisazumi teaches Model-Driven Development as part of Kyushu University curricula in Japan. Executable UML and related modeling disciplines are taught to engineers and computer scientists. Hisazumi-sensei will provide a view into the Japanese University focus on MDD and Embedded Control teaching. Professor Hisazumi has been involved in ET-Robocon, ESS Robot Challenge and other embedded control workshops. Hisazumi-sensei will speak live and in person.


    Ready for #xtUML2015!!


    Dear Conference Attendees,

    Why attend a conference? …to get awesome swag, of course! Check out the cool T-shirt (modeled by your conference hostess) that will be included in your goodie bag at registration on Monday.

    More thoughts on preparing. Day 1 will focus on xtUML The Language. We will attempt to pack a 1-week language training course into a single day. On Day 1 there will be only a little discussion of BridgePoint The Tool; that is for Day 2. During our first day we will focus on the syntax and semantics of xtUML and how to program your applications using xtUML. Relative to this post, we will focus on the model and the method. Most work will be on paper and whiteboard.

    With the xtUML language reasonably well understood, on Day 2 we can focus on xtUML The Tool, BridgePoint. After breakfast and the keynote presentation we will be working our laptops hard with our hands on the keyboards actually editing, updating, issuing, forking, branching, building and running!

    Expect the following takeaways from xtUML 2015:
    – understanding of xtUML the language
    – recognition of similarities and distinctions of xtUML relative to Java, C++, Python, etc.
    – practice abstracting systems and capturing them in models
    – application of these precise engineering techniques to your own problem domain at work
    – hands-on tooling practice
    – OSS processes, community and eco-system participation

    Look forward to our special keynote Tuesday morning featuring live and remote team members from Japan led by Yuki Tsuchitoi and Kenji Hisazumi.

    See you Monday!
    xtUML 2015 Staff


    Dear xtUMLers,

    This pic shows the door you will enter. This is looking across the street from the hotel. Our venue is called MatchBOX Coworking Studio. It is located on the corner of 6th Street and Alabama in Lafayette, Indiana.

    Breakfast and goodie bag pickup start at 8:00am Monday morning.
    First session begins at 9:00.

    Another note for people staying for Day 2. You will be downloading a lot of data. MatchBOX has fast internet, but it may be good to do some of this ahead of time. So, here is a bit more homework.

    1) Obtain a user ID on github.com.
    2) Fork the following repositories:
    3) Clone these three forks onto your laptop.

    If you do not understand these instructions, it is O.K. You will learn!

    See you bright and early Monday morning.

    xtUML 2015 Staff

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