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    The title topic was derived from an external conversation concerning the current paths to knowledge available on the website. Requirements were not formulated in the aforementioned conversation, so I’m starting further conversation/requirements gathering here. is a community effort, so feel free to add your views.

    From the title topic, I can derive two questions:
    1. What is the essential knowledge of xtUML?
    2. Who are the users of the essential knowledge of xtUML?

    My views on essential knowledge:
    1. xtUML domain modeling: This is well documented and defined.
    2. xtUML system modeling: This is somewhat documented, but not necessarily completely defined. How to integrate to/migrate from existing systems/development methods might also fall under this category.
    3. xtUML tools and usage: This includes what tools exists for modeling and model compilation, as well as migration/model sharing. Another aspect could be to document what constitutes an xtUML toolset.
    4. xtUML model compilation: This goes beyond existing tools to sharing knowledge to enable new model compiler creation.
    5. Why xtUML? Benefits of xtUML, comparison to other development methods, example models, and success stories. The elevator pitch.

    My views on users of the essential knowledge:
    1. xtUML tool developers or general UML tool developers who want to integrate xtUML concepts. This includes community developers.
    2. xtUML users: New users who want to learn the development method, and existing users who need direction.
    3. xtUML tool users: help desk and bug reporting
    4. Customers: need priority support and maybe additional secure/private channels
    5. xtUML development method developers: enhancements and additions to domain and system modeling concepts as well as model compilation.
    6. Supporters: As a lot of this is like open source development these days, maybe some financial support can be available.

    Bob Mulvey

    I just wanted to call out that the BridgePoint repository’s readme (which is only a paragraph, so quick read) has links that help with a lot of what is called out by Lee:


    To add some context, it seems that there might be concerns of easy availability to knowledge from The dissemination of knowledge among community members was a more specific concern. Do we have the tools to provide updates to the communities and share (and preserve?) discussions within subgroups of the community.Unfortunately, no specific concern was strongly identified.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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