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    I just downloaded the BP’s latest version 4.2.0 and tried to use C++ compiler but failed with the error below:

    [code title=”build output”]Wed Mar 4 07:47:48 2015
    xtumlmc_build -home C:/MentorGraphics/BridgePoint420/eclipse_extensions/BridgePoint/eclipse/plugins/com.mentor.nucleus.bp.mc.cpp.source_4.2.0/ -l2s -e -d code_generation -O ../../src/
    Upgrading translation workspace: code_generation
    NOTE: Domain code 0 allocated for this import.
    NOTE: The domain code you have entered has already been used/allocated, but will allow this import to proceed normally.
    sys.arc: 0: ERROR: Could NOT open File ‘C:/MentorGraphics/BridgePoint420/eclipse_extensions/BridgePoint/eclipse/plugins/com.mentor.nucleus.bp.mc.cpp.source_4.2.0//mc3020/arc/sys.arc’.

    Error Occurred During File Generation… (Number of Errors: 1)
    Code generation complete.
    Wed Mar 4 07:47:48 2015

    it does in case of C source as well but it works for C binary.
    Please advise how to get rid of this issue.
    Many thanks.


    Hi ZJasz,

    You are missing the model compiler archetypes (which are not yet part of the standard install). Get them from https://github.com/xtuml/mc. Copy these in the the c++.source/mc3020/arc folder. You will need to rename “sysc” to “specialized”.

    To get C source, rename “c” to “specialized”.

    Let me know how it goes.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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