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    A user reports that BridgePoint 5 fails to start properly on their machine:

    I have downloaded 5.0.0 for Linux. I have unzipped it in an installation folder, but when I run the eclipse starts but there is no xtUML perspective to be found. The splash screen shows xtUML and and the BridgePoint logo. I have tried to find the xtUML perspectives via “Window->Open Perspective->Others” but no xtUML perspectives are present.

    This thread will discuss debugging this problem.


    Using Eclipse OSGi debug console window (OSGi console)

    _- Open Launcher.bat
    _- Change BP_JVM setting to use java.exe instead of javaw.exe
    _- add [code]-console [/code] to the eclipse.exe command line before [code title=””]-vm %BP_JVM%[/code]

    _- Open
    _- add [code title=””]-console [/code] to the eclipse command line before [code title=””]-vm $BP_JVM[/code]

    – Run the Launcher script
    _R A console window appears during the launch. You will see the [code title=””]osgi> [/code] prompt. The following commands are to be entered in this osgi console.

    osgi commands for debugging:
    – [code title=””]ss[/code]
    This command lists all registered plugins and their status

    – [code title=””]ss [/code]
    This lists a subset based on the matches. For example: ss org.xtuml.bp.core

    – [code title=””]diag [/code] (e.g. [code title=””]diag org.xtuml.bp.core[/code])
    Displays unsatisfied constrains for the given bundle

    – [code title=””]start [/code]
    Attempts to force load the specified plugin (the id comes from the [code title=””]ss[/code] result). Try [code title=””]start [/code]

    _- [code title=””]close[/code]
    Shutdown and exit OSGi


    Ignore all the “1. ” in the previous post. The forum formatter is inserting those as line numbers for all code blocks.


    In this case, the root of the issue is that the user wasn’t able to use a shared/multi-user (and readonly) installation. The issue is fixed with a simple command run by the system admin. Additional information has been added to the FAQ:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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