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    Initially, the forum had low enough flow to be able to easily scroll through all the questions, but now that becomes unwieldy. I’ve always found it useful when software sites have breakdowns by category in forums, but maybe tag and search is more popular now. What does everyone think?

    John Wolfe

    I’d like to have a set of categories to help organize the forum topics. I suggest starting with a small number of categories to minimize ambiguity regarding where to look/post.
    A search capability is also required, and while I’ll admit I’ve looked only briefly for it, I’ve not yet found the type of search facility I see on most other forums. I see the general search bar on the site, but I’m looking for something that allows me to search for authors, topics, and content within specific forum categories.

    Travis London

    I like the way eclipse does their forums. It is very easy to focus on a specific topic. However, their search does not consider the currently viewed forum. It does however let you choose a forum on the search page.

    Bob Mulvey

    I agree with you all. In response, I took a couple of actions.
    1) I created a new category in the BridgePoint issue tracking system to capture bug and feature requests made against site. Of course you must have an account to be able to see and contribute issues. The new project is: BridgePoint >

    2) Now that we have a project to track these requests, I created a new issue to track what is being asked for here, that some categories be added. Here is that new request:

    Bob Mulvey

    Done. Enjoy :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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