How to use the component_ref base type?

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    Domonkos Asztalos

    Are there any documentation, tutorial where this item is described?
    Can anybody provide some hints on the use of this type?


    Hello Domonkos,

    In the BridgePoint help see: BridgePoint UML Suite Help > Reference > Using BridgePoint > xtUML Modeling Perspective > Model Elements > Data Types

    I did a quick search in the public repository for the word “sender”. Then browsed to find “.xtuml” files in the search results. I see at least the VerifierMessageTestGlobals and ComponentSyntaxTest models both contain uses of “sender” and the component_ref data type. I suggest you import the ComponentSyntaxTest model and see how it uses “sender”.


    John Wolfe


    You may recall that we used this capability on the DIAMETER project. The model in question had a single server component sprouting a provided interface which was then connected to three different client components, each sprouting a required interface connected to the same provided interface on the server component.
    The server component contained at least one class (call it Request) with an attribute (call it Requester_ID) of type component_ref. When the server received a request from a client, it would create an instance of Request and set the value of Requester_ID to the value of the ‘sender’ keyword. Later, when the server needed to reply to a client, it would then use the value of Request.Requester_ID as the target in a ‘send’ statement, enabling the server to send interface messages through a single port to a specific component instance among several connected to that port.
    To summarize, the data type in question (component_ref) should be used carefully, and only in situations in which you anticipate the need to connect multiple component instances to a single port and require the ability to direct interface message to a specific component instance connected to that port.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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