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    I had created a class diagram of moderate complexity. The class diagram was in a separate package within a component. In fact there were two packages within the component that contained class diagrams.

    I created a new component within a separate package and copied parts of the original component into it The first time I did this everything replicated ‘correctly’ in the sense that the structure and layout of the class diagrams did not change.

    On a second occasion I did the same thing but the classes within the class diagrams all became disconnected and laid out in a single row at the top of the (copied) class diagram. Everything within the repository indicates that all the relationships etc. are still intact. The original component was deleted.

    I’ve made several attempts to simply reconnect associations with the copied class diagram, but nothing I’ve done seems to work.

    Is there a simple way I can ‘redraw’ the class diagram so that it is structurally correct?

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