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    Hello, wonder if this is possible?

    I have some classes in a subsystem (package) that I want to move into another. Is this possible without deleting/re-creating the classes?



    Yes. In either the Model Explorer tree view or on the graphical canvas, select the items you wish to move. Then right-click on one of the selected items. In the menu, choose “Cut” or “Copy” depending on if you want to move the items or duplicate the items. Next, right-click on the target package in the Model Explorer or on the target package’s graphical canvas and select “Paste” to complete the action (either move or duplicate).


    So that means that the cut and paste does not change any GUUID in the xtuml file?
    Does this also means that it is a move of a file level also? Think about this as CM issue, you dont want to have a new file item being created.


    In cut/copy/paste the UUIDs are re-calculated. Associations between semantic elements are reconnected as intelligently as feasible.

    Travis London

    To be more specific, not all elements support reconnection (or a true move). Currently the following elements support referring element reconnection:

    Interface Reference
    Executable Property

    So at this point cutting a class would cause any referring object to become unrelated. Imported classes would become unassigned.

    On the file level it would not be a move at this point. There would be a new folder/file creation and a folder/file deletion.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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