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    Is there a simple way to tell eclipse to print all the diagrams in a project? Or maybe export them to PDF?


    P.S.: Bridgepoint and Shlaer-Mellor have *really* come a long way since the mid ’90s. All I can say is … thank you.

    Bob Mulvey


    There is no mechanism in place to print all diagrams.

    Honestly, I think, if there was, it may not be very useful because of the variability of the diagram content and size. I can tell you what I do when I want a hard-copy for reference is I capture sections of the diagram as-needed based on what I am doing so that reasonable content is present. I then print these “logical pieces” to pdf naming them _1, …_2, etc. I can them lay-out the pieces of paper in front of me as needed. There are some diagrams that I refer to that tend to be fairly static. For these I keep the pdfs in folders so I can get them again as time passes.

    I will also note that in many cases when I am thinking about wanting hard-copy to work from I may consider using the Eclipse “New Window” feature to allow me to show the diagram in question on a separate monitor while I work on the task at hand. This is actually my preferred approach, but I understand that indeed it is nice to have “hard copy” sometimes too.

    That is what I tend to do when I want a hard-copy for reference while working.


    I need the images for an onsite project review with customers. Bunch of Army Guys. Their eyes will glaze over of course, but I gotta have something for the PowerPoint. Foils Dood! We need Foils!?? It ain’t a presentation without Foils …


    You can use [project]->RMB->BridgePoint Utilities->Create Documentation in the xtUML Modeling view to get an html file generated. The html isn’t too pretty, but a doc/images directory gets generated in your project workspace. This directory has images you can use to place in your presentation, and they are named like: [project]-[package]-[component]-[package]-[class]-Instance State Machine.png.

    Bob Mulvey

    Oh yeah, Document Generation (DocGen)! I forgot about DocGen :). Document Generation is perfect for this. Thanks Lee!

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    Yeah I did a Doc Gen on the MO project. I wasn’t really that disappointed in it honestly. Plan to use the feature on my current project. Thanx for the help. Wonder why I didn’t get a notification when this thread updated …

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