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    Just like buses, 2 posts in one day :).

    I’m trying to run some custom archectypes over a model. xtumlmc_gen_erate is failing, I expect bwcause I don’t have the correct db structure. Steps as follows:

    1. Export model from BP (right click project, select “Export…”, xtUML model), choose model, finish.
    2. Run the script below.

    Result is lots of errors like:

    foo.xtuml: 1577:  ERROR:  Object 'S_SYS_PROXY' Unknown.
    foo.xtuml: 1577:  ERROR:  Aborting commitment of ALL SQL statements.

    Batch file used to run it as follows:

    @echo off
    set PATH=%PATH%;C:\sf\bin\xtuml-full-4.2\eclipse_extensions\BridgePoint\eclipse\plugins\com.mentor.nucleus.bp.core.win32.x86_4.2.0\os\win32\x86\lib 
    set PATH=%PATH%;C:\sf\bin\xtuml-full-4.2\eclipse_extensions\BridgePoint\eclipse\plugins\com.mentor.nucleus.bp.core.win32.x86_4.2.0\bridgepoint\win32\client\bin
    REM set OOASCHEMA=C:\sf\bin\xtuml-full-4.2\eclipse_extensions\BridgePoint\eclipse\plugins\com.mentor.nucleus.bp.dap.pkg_4.2.0\bridgepoint\xtumlmc_schema.sql
    set OOASCHEMA=C:\sf\bin\xtuml-full-4.2\eclipse_extensions\BridgePoint\eclipse\plugins\\mc3020\schema\sql\xtumlmc_schema.sql
    REM set MGLS_LICENSE_FILE=%~d0\sf\bin\xtuml-full-4.2\license\license.dat
    set TDB=foo.tdb
    call xtumlmc_gen_erate.cmd -arch ooa2rdb.rule -d 1 -import foo.xtuml -e foo -nopersist -v STMT
    del %TDB%

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    You can run your model compiler from within BridgePoint. Here is how:

    A short-cut of playing with model compilers is shown at about 10 minutes into this video. You can write RSL (archetype language) directly inside of a marking file to go really quick-and-easy.


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