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    Dear All,

    I have created a Realized Component according to the instructions written in the Help:

    – in the model the realized component is connected through an interface to the ‘normal’ component, the bindings are correct.
    – the core.jar is added to the path of the realized component (in the Properties view).

    – added the interfaces with methods (, to the correct package (relative to the root of the Project, inside the source folder).
    – the headers of the methods are correct: first parameter is the ComponentInstance_c, the others are the same as in the model’s interface defintion; the return type is correct as well.
    – added the realized component’s class at the correct place.
    – implemented the realized component correctly: constructor with one parameter (ICommunicationFromProvider), the class implements the ICommunicationToProvider interface, all the methods of the interface are implemented by the class.

    When I run the system in the Verifier, and I call an operation (initialize) through that interface from the model to the realized component, the following Exceptions are thrown:

    [3 times:]
    Verifier EE external method setSection( org.xtuml.bp.core.ComponentInstance_c, int, java.lang.Boolean ) not found
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: setSection
    at org.xtuml.bp.core.Vm_c.Execute(
    at org.xtuml.bp.debug.ui.model.BPThread$
    at Source)

    Verifier EE external method initialize( org.xtuml.bp.core.ComponentInstance_c, int ) not found
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: initialize
    at org.xtuml.bp.core.Vm_c.Execute(
    at org.xtuml.bp.debug.ui.model.BPThread$
    at Source)

    The ICommunicationToProvider interface contains these methods:

    public void setSection(ComponentInstance_c senderReceiver, int sectionId,
    Boolean isEnabled);
    public void initialize(ComponentInstance_c senderReceiver, int turnoutId);

    The direction of the setSection and initialize are ToProvider (where the provider is the realized component). The initialize is an operation, setSection is a signal.

    Java codes are compiled correctly, no reference errors.

    What may cause the Exceptions, and how can I correct the error?

    Thank you for the help in advance.

    Best regards,

    Bob Mulvey

    Hi Ben, I do not know why you are seeing this. However, I will tell you what I would do to track down a problem like this. I would follow the instructions in the developers getting started guide found here:

    That allows you to debug and make changes to BridgePoint!

    After getting a good build I would then launch the tool in a debug session. I would then set a breakpoint perhaps on the line called out by your call stack here: “at org.xtuml.bp.core.Vm_c.Execute(”

    I would then execute the procedure to reproduce the problem, hit the breakpoint and go from there to see why it happened.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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