xtUML.org Newsletter – Nov. 18, 2013

xtUML.org Quarterly Newsletter, November 18, 2013

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the xtUML.org newsletter.  We have coordinated this first issue with the posting of the latest release of the xtUML Editor and the upcoming introduction of Inside xtUML On Air, a monthly live broadcast available to the subscribers of the xtUML YouTube channel.  Future issues will be sent on a quarterly basis.  We welcome your comments and/or suggestions for improvement.

Product Update – New Functionality Added to the xtUML Editor

The latest product update adds functionality that focuses on ease of use.  We encourage you to download the most recent version, available from xtUML.org/download.

The following specific functionality has been added to the Editor:

Introducing a new Model Integrity Tool – This tool ensures that models created through the merging of xtUML model elements from multiple projects combine into a single consistent and correctly constructed model.  The Integrity Tool can be invoked from the context menu or as part of a batch CLI Merge operation.

Updated Model-based Merge Facility – In the previous release, we introduced a manual Model-based Merge Facility.  This release extends that capability by offering automatic merge for a variety of conflict scenarios involving text and/or state machine model graphics.

Link with Editor – Link with Editor is a feature that highlights the model element currently selected in the most recent window and displays it in the Model Explorer window. This feature enables xtUML modelers to more efficiently understand the context of the currently displayed fragment of the model.  In earlier editions of the Editor, under select conditions, this feature failed to update the Model Explorer window correctly. This version corrects those ignored updates in the Model Explorer.

Unique Identifier – Attributes of a class can be used as part of a unique identifier for classes that are associated with the original class. In earlier releases, under rare circumstances, sometimes this unique identifier became corrupted when the original class attribute was deleted. Changes in this release address this incorrect behavior and remove the risk of model corruption.

Component Definitions – In earlier versions it was possible to change component definitions directly from within a component reference. This editing approach is no longer permitted; changes must be made directly on the original definition.

New Project Wizard – The New Project Wizard has been enhanced to permit modelers to selectively include built-in External Entities (EEs). These EEs had to be manually added to the project in previous releases.

xtUML YouTube Channel

If you haven’t visited the xtUML YouTube Channel lately, you are missing a real resource.  We have added new tutorials on action language.  These tutorials are brief two-minute snapshots that describe, in video format, certain sections in the OAL Reference Manual.  Each video describes the usage of a specific action language block.  Added together, the entire series is 35 minutes long.

Although it is not necessary to register on the site to view these tutorials, if you would like to join in the discussions associated with them, you will need to subscribe to the xtUML YouTube channel.  You will then receive a notification that a discussion is in session.

Introduction of Inside xtUML On Air

Inside xtUML On Air is a live monthly broadcast available to subscribers of the xtUML channel on YouTube.  The primary content of the broadcast will be mostly a live question and answer session, mixed with the occasional invited guest.  The first broadcast will be scheduled in December.  Stay tuned for a special invitation to join the first broadcast.  A Japanese-language broadcast is in the works, too.  We hope to implement that in 2014.

It’s necessary to sign up for the xtUML You Tube channel in order to access these live broadcasts.

As always, we love to hear from the users of the xtUML Editor.  We invite you to join in our Forum discussions off xtUML.org, or feel free to send an email to the xtUML.org administrator at any time.

Best regards,

Your xtUML.org Committee